Education Program Reimbursement Form - revised 01-18-11.pdf


Educational Fund Don’t miss-out on free tuition reimbursement.

      The CASHE Board is pleased to announce that we have educational opportunities for our members and/or their staff.  Healthcare members interested in learning new “Trades” skills and/or members who have staff interested in learning new “Trades” skills are encouraged to submit an application to the CASHE Board of Directors for review and consideration. Education opportunities are available in the areas of Plant Operations, HVAC, Controls, & Electricity.  

Application Criteria

Any member of CASHE can apply and/or nominate a current healthcare worker for the program; the nominee does not need to be a CASHE member.

The criteria to be selected are as follows:

· Must be working in Healthcare.

· Must be a reliable hard working employee.

· Must be someone that shows motivation to improve their skills.

· Must be willing to complete the class with a passing grade.

Any non-CASHE member who successfully completes the training will be eligible to join CASHE without paying the application fee.

Follow link to website and reimbursement form.
Contact:  or any CASHE Board member for additional information or submit an application for education



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