1.) Is my membership considered individual, corporate or Institutional?

2.) When are the General Membership Meetings?
The meetings are always on the 2nd Wednesday of the month Oct thru May.

3.) What time does the meeting start?
4:30 PM unless otherwise stated in the Newsletter.

4.) When are dues due?

Dues are due no later than 90 days of the invoice date.

5.) How do I become a meeting sponsor?
Contact the Education & Programs board member, they will present your offer to the board.

6.) Can I transfer my membership to a coworker?
No, dues are individual.

7.) How much are the Dues for healthcare members?
$150 for new members & $75 annually there after.

8.) How much are the Dues for associate members?

$200 for new members & $100 annually there after.

9.) How many times can a guest come to a meeting before joining?
Guests are limited to one meeting per year and must be sponsored by an attending member in good standing.

10.) How long will it take to become a CASHE Member?
Processing may take up to 45 days and you will receive a confirmation when you are approved.

11.) How do I register to attend a meeting?
Click Here To RSVP For An Event. 
Follow steps below to RSVP:

1.       Visit the CASHE website http://cashe-md.org/calendar.php

2.       Under “Upcoming Events” click on link Click Here to RSVP for An Event.

3.       Under “Member Login” type in your User Name or Email address and password.

4.       If this is your first time registering or have forgotten your password, scroll down and click on required link. If you are a registered member and have not forgotten your password, skip to step 10.

5.       You need to register.
Complete all applicable information and click register in the lower left hand corner.

6.       I've lost my password.
Enter your email address and click send password.

7.       A temporary password will be emailed.

8.       Enter your Username and Password as shown on the email and click login.

9.       A message will prompt you to enter a new password and confirm your new password.

10.    Select Event Date and click on “RSVP to Selected date”

11.    Confirmation is listed on the right of page.

12.    If you would like to add a guest, click on “add a guest” near your confirmation.